Video: McDonald's Customer Allegedly Assaults Worker, Then Lies About It

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A McDonald’s employee and a customer were engaged in a fight through the restaurant’s drive-thru, and each has a differing account of what happened. Guess whose account appears to be the more accurate one?


A minute-long altercation, captured on video below, shows a recent fight between McDonald’s employee Bernard Robinson III and customer Walied Feshir at a drive-thru in Minneapolis, MN. Robinson alleges Feshir became angry when Robinson took too long to make change for a $100 bill, and when some of the cash fell onto the ground, Feshir spat on Robinson’s face and grabbed his tie. Feshir has a different account of what happened:

“He got very angry, started hitting me in the face, and I was kinda knocked out,” Feshir told Fox 9. “I tried to hold onto his tie just for self-defense I guess.”

You know what? Let’s just go to the video.

There’s no video of the very start of the fight, so it’s unclear exactly who swung first. However, the behavior of the two men during the fight itself is illuminating. Robinson spends the entire fight being pulled through the window, as Feshir has a vice grip on his tie the entire time. It’s hard to make out a lot of what’s being said (other than the swearwords), but you can repeatedly hear Robinson telling Feshir to let go of the tie. When another employee reaches through to try to pull Robinson back, he appears to say to her “he’s got my fucking tie” as an explanation for why he can’t pull back. When Feshir finally, after a full minute of this, does so, Robinson backs off through the window.

Minneapolis police seem to agree with Robinson’s assessment. According to them, after they arrived on the scene (the two had apparently continued the fight in the parking lot), Feshir smelled like alcohol, and he was ultimately charged with fifth-degree assault.

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John Boehner

Ok if you’re literally latched on to someone’s clothing and trying to pull them through a window, you get EVERYTHING you deserve.

I’m happy Robinson at least got some meaningful swings in there. They landed audibly, and I’m amazed that the drunk customer had the will to hold on afterwards. Like... Dude... You are getting your ass beat AND you and you alone have the power to end that beating. Jesus Christ, drunk dick, JUST LET GO OF THE TIE.