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I was just thinking the other day that what the world really needed was for the people responsible for Taco Bell to do for Vietnamese cuisine what they've done for/to "Mexican" "food."


Apparently, Yum! Brands (fuck you for making me type in that exclamation point, company-I-will-henceforth-refuse-to-refer-to-by-name), the parent company to Taco Bell, KFC, and others, is doing just that by test-marketing a Banh Mi concept in Dallas. Supposedly, it'll be called Banh Shop, because the minds behind the Famous Bowl are known for their staggering creativity when it comes to the naming process.

Banh Mi is really, really good in capable hands (as long as it's not super-traditional Banh Mi with head cheese in it, in which case gahhhhhhhhhhh, no thank you), but, uh...those hands are not Taco Bell's. This is kind of like asking a company that glues wheels on cardboard boxes to design a mid-size sedan.


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No fucking thank you. We already have white people thinking Panda Express is good Chinese Food. Do we need to ruin another cuisine? There must be something we can do.

Vietnamese women, I implore to abandon your nail salons if this comes to fruition. Let's see how long Whitey can go without $18 mani/pedis.