Chipotle Asks Customers To Please Not Bring Firearms Into Chipotle

Chipotle has just released a statement asking customers to please refrain from bringing firearms into their locations, regardless of local laws.

In a statement released earlier this afternoon, Chipotle asks the following of their customers (scroll down to the update in that link):

"The issue of gun ownership or gun rights has become one of the most contentious debates in the country. Chipotle has never taken a position on this issue, as we focus instead on our mission to change the way people think about and eat fast food.

Recently participants from an "open carry" demonstration in Texas brought guns (including military-style assault rifles) into one of our restaurants, causing many of our customers anxiety and discomfort. Because of this, we are respectfully asking that customers not bring guns into our restaurants, unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.

Historically, we felt it enough to simply comply with local laws regarding the open or concealed carrying of firearms, because we believe that it is not fair to put our team members in the uncomfortable position of asking that customers refrain from bringing guns into our restaurants. However, because the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers, we think it is time to make this request.

We acknowledge that there are strong arguments on both sides of this issue. We have seen those differing positions expressed in the wake of this event in Texas, where pro-gun customers have contacted us to applaud our support of the Second Amendment, and anti-gun customers have expressed concern over the visible display of military-style assault rifles in restaurants where families are eating. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible citizens and we appreciate them honoring this request. And we hope that our customers who oppose the carrying of guns in public agree with us that it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area, not the role of businesses like Chipotle."


Translation: "we don't want to get involved in the gun rights debate, we'd just really prefer it if you'd refrain from making other patrons uncomfortable, unless you're a law enforcement professional, obviously." An eminently-reasonable request that I'm sure will be respected by all parties involved in the contentious debate over — hahahaha, I'm sorry, I can't even type that sentence with a straight face. Moreover, I'm sure no one on social media will call for some dumbass boycott of Chipotle because of FREEDUM! and 'MURICA! reasons, because — HAHAHAHAHA, NOPE, CAN'T DO IT.

The announcement comes after everyone's favorite complete shitheads proud gun rights activists Open Carry Texas exercised their completely legal right to act like dickhats (here's a picture from their Facebook page of said dickhattery, since the one embedded in that original link does not appear to be individuals associated with Open Carry Texas) at a Dallas-area Chipotle last weekend and showed up carrying rifles. In response, their arch-nemeses Moms Demand Action sent Chipotle a letter being like, "ummm, no?" After waffling for most of the day, Chipotle finally relented and released the above statement, making them the second company after Starbucks last year to ask that customers please stop bringing guns into their establishments.

To be fair, Open Carry Texas did ask Chipotle beforehand whether they could bring the guns in and were told that they could, and the whole incident occurred after an unrelated event (rather than a specific protest at a Chipotle, which would be really freaking weird). Also to be fair, who the hell wants to sit next to random people brandishing firearms at a fast food place, even if the fast food place doesn't have an issue with it? Christ, go secure your guns at home, and THEN go get your burritos. This isn't hard. Have a little bit of consideration for other people. You're also legally allowed to own a machete, but if you wander around in public with one strapped to your back, you're an inconsiderate douchenozzle.

It's important to note that there's nothing wrong with safe and legal gun ownership, and that the vast, vast, VAST majority of gun owners in America aren't Open Carry Texas. In fact, the most impressive thing about Open Carry Texas is their capacity for getting non-crazy gun rights proponents and anti-gun activists to agree on something, that something being "fuck Open Carry Texas." When viewed from that angle, one has to look at them as a bizarrely unifying force.


Image via Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.

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