Our Bizarre Culture of Chef Supremacy is Some Bullshit

In a year of doing this job (today is Kitchenette's one-year anniversary), regular readers will probably notice that there's one subject I've almost entirely avoided, and it's one to which most food websites devote an inordinate amount of bandwidth: chef culture. The fact that I've largely ignored it (and no, Guy Fieri » 2/26/15 11:30am Thursday 11:30am

A peek into the life of South Korea's food porn superstars

Thousands of South Koreans tune in daily to Muk-bang (eating broadcasts): Online live-stream channels where people eats large amounts of food on camera. Those people, called Broadcast Jockeys (BJ's), became real celebrities that could earn up to $9000 a month just by sharing meals with their lonely audience. » 2/17/15 1:13pm 2/17/15 1:13pm

Unbelievably Dumb Restaurant Customers, Part One

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. Today, we've got part one of two consecutive weeks of tales of aggressively dumb customers (same as when I did this with terrible customer stories, it's because I realized how many I had saved… » 2/16/15 11:00am 2/16/15 11:00am