If You Can't Handle The Heat: Sexism In Restaurant Kitchens

More often than not, there's some blatant misogyny going on behind the kitchen doors in your local restaurant.

The hospitality industry is known to be one of experimentation and excess. This is possibly why the prevalence of substance abusers in the industry is so high. That being said, while the front of house more… » 7/30/14 1:03pm 6 minutes ago

Your Waiters Are Violently Sick While Serving You Food

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. This week, we're bringing you a special Behind Closed Ovens about all the times food workers are forced to work while sick. As always, these are real comments from real readers. » 7/23/14 11:00am 7/23/14 11:00am

Hey, Everybody: Today I Went to The Olive Garden! A Photo Essay

The Olive Garden is one of the finest places to eat in America. The restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine prepared exclusively in the world's best plastic bags and you can also eat unlimited bread sticks and soup. (Pro tip 1: Never eat your entree at the restaurant even if they bring it to the table. Have soup… » 7/20/14 10:01am 7/20/14 10:01am