University Apologizes For Fried Chicken On Black History Month Menu

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Some of you are probably reading that headline and thinking "oh, this must've been a coincidence and it's just people making a big deal out of nothing." Yeah, not so much.


Ohio's Wright State university, who you may vaguely remember as a team that got bounced from the NCAA tournament one time (or maybe that's Weber State, who the hell knows), found itself in hot water after the electronic menu screens at the school cafeteria featured items like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread under photos of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other black leaders throughout US history. It's unclear what sequence of extraordinarily stupid events led to this happening, but Wright State has, of course, removed the menus and apologized:

"I apologize to anyone hurt by the display," [College President David] Hopkins wrote. "To our credit, the menu was quickly removed. But the larger question remains: Why was it done? I will find out. We will take steps to prevent this kind of behavior occurring in the future."


No word yet on whether Wright State is planning to cancel their "everybody wear big hooked prosthetic noses" Holocaust memorial weekend or their "everybody make a lot of gong noises and half-assedly switch their l's and r's"-themed week-long remembrance of the Japanese Internment, though.

On the one hand, this is funny in a "you have got to be shitting me, how the hell did you think this was a good idea" kind of way. On the other hand, it becomes less funny when you consider that this has happened before: a high school in Concord, California did this exact same thing last year. Oh, and in 2010, the cafeteria at NBC did it, too. Come the fuck on, white people. Could we at least make some new dipshit racist mistakes rather than the same ones on infinite loop? That wouldn't be better, but it might be more interesting.

On the plus side, this whole thing did lead to a Fox affiliate running this sentence:

Fried chicken is often associated with racial stereotyping in the United States.

Yes, thank you, I'm glad we cleared that up.

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My job did this a few years ago. It's a federal government office. On the menu was "chitterlings and maw" and something called "Hopping John." Yes, this was all planned by non-Blacks.

Actually, it was planned because one person (white) was upset that a group of Black co-workers (who are also friends) decided to do a pot-luck and poetry reading amongst themselves to celebrate Black History Month. Typically, our office never does anything for Black History month. Anyways, this white guy was upset he wasn't invited and was especially upset he wasn't going to get that food, so he guilt tripped the Office Manager into basically Columbusing the small group's lunch hour into an office-wide "Black History Celebration of Ham Pie!"

Of course, once the email about this "Black History Month Celebration Lunch and Menu" went out office wide, and us Black attorneys saw it (this all started amongst the support staff on the floors below), the whole thing became a blood bath. My co-worker and I wrote the most sarcastic and damming letter to the office manager about it. There were massive apologies. The Office Manager pleading for forgiveness and stating, "I knew I shouldn't have listened to [idiot]. I knew this was a bad idea!"

Now, this office is known as the racist office. It's a designation it hasn't been able to live down for the last five years. All because one white dude couldn't stand to be excluded from the plans of a group of people he's not even friends with and because he didn't think he could just buy some fried chicken at KFC 365 days a year. So crazy, but to be expected I guess.