Hi there! Are you a current or former restaurant owner who has been screwed over by Yelp’s shitty practices, or do you know one who has? We’d like to hear from you!

Whether it was legal extortion, illegal behavior, or just general unethical fuckery, we’d really love to hear any stories you might have about Yelp’s horrific behavior. If you’d care to see some examples of the general sort of things we’re looking for, these comments fit the bill pretty nicely. Please send your e-mails to WilyUbertrout@gmail.com with some reference to Yelp in the subject line.


Thank you in advance!

Contact the author at WilyUbertrout@gmail.com.

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Unrelated but look at this stupid ass review my friend’s bar just got on Yelp. “You weren’t operational when you weren’t open! One star!”

Edit: I should note that the screengrab I posted was made by the owner, intentionally not blocking out the Yelper’s name, very publicly on Facebook. No one is losing their job for calling out this awful idiot.