Say Hello to the Restaurant Where All the Waitresses Are Heavily Armed

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In Rifle, Colorado, front runner for Most Appropriately Named Town Ever considering this story, there's a restaurant where every server is packing heat.


The owner, Lauren Boebert, apparently started carrying after she opened the aptly-named Shooters Grill a year ago. Shortly afterward, the servers joined in, because there are apparently very few sources of entertainment in rural Colorado. Local police chief John Dyer doesn't mind — Shooters doesn't serve alcohol, and the servers all have concealed-carry certifications (though they don't need them to carry openly). He did say he'd probably feel differently if it was a bar, though, which means there's at least some sanity to this story.

Apparently, there's also a sign on one wall that says those inside Shooters are "proudly clinging to my guns and Bible." Now, I realize that's a reference to the President's (entirely accurate and in no way actually controversial to anyone with more brain cells than toes) comments during a 2008 campaign fundrasier. Here's the thing, though: I know a bunch of devout Christians of all stripes who are all good people, and not one of them would ever use the term "proudly clinging to my Bible," because they're not zealotic lunatics. "We don't worship guns. We worship Jesus," Boebert also exclaims, and THAT statement isn't at all terrifying from someone with a loaded firearm strapped to their hip.


The restaurant is obviously operating completely under Colorado law, and that's fair enough. And hey, if the presence of loaded weapons doesn't bother you and you're in Rifle (possibly because you've been abducted — I can't think why anyone would willingly be there), by all means, enjoy your meal at Shooters Grill. Personally, though, I'm going to be choosing to eat around people who aren't heavily armed.

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I'm sure my black male friends and I with guns will be welcomed with open arms.