Restaurant Worker Hits Customer in Head With Hammer

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If you’re looking for a way to get former restaurant employees to very quickly subsume their instincts and side with a customer, this would be how you do it.


Via, the conflict started when a restaurant worker at Takeover Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio said “something profane” about a customer’s girlfriend on Thursday within earshot of the couple. It’s unclear what got them to that point, but the customer then attempted to confront the worker about it. This did not go well.

The worker’s response to “hey, don’t you call my girlfriend a [whatever the hell he called her]” was to tell the customer to leave the restaurant. When the customer refused, the worker then grabbed a hammer and chased him into the parking lot, where he hit him in the head with the hammer. An off-duty police officer who happened to be at a nearby intersection then got out of his car and told the worker to stop. The worker ran back into the restaurant and though the cop chased him, he escaped out the back.


Ultimately, the customer seems to be OK, having suffered a forehead gash treated on-scene and then at the hospital. The restaurant was also apparently closed the day after the incident. No charges have yet been filed and no arrests made, although it would be faintly shocking for that not to change soon.

Here’s the thing: they could’ve been the shittiest customers ever, and it’s still not OK to chase the dude and hit him in the head with a hammer. Good lord, that’s never OK, even if the restaurant customer is Karl Rove. Even then!

Don’t hit your customers with hammers.

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