Quizno's Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

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It's important, before we get to dissecting what happened, to admit that we all kind of saw this coming. The once-successful sandwich chain had been struggling for a few years, with locations closing left and right and debt mounting like mad.


So it wasn't surprising that earlier today, Quizno's filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Goodnight, sweet sandwich prince. I guess you just couldn't compete against the shittiest fast food chain in fucking existence. So in terms of fast food sandwich choices, we're pretty much left with Pot Belly or an open fucking sewer masquerading as an eatery.

That might sound unnecessarily harsh, but Subway got where it is by selling the shittiest ingredients imaginable (I'm pretty sure most of their lunch meats have to be legally classified as industrial insulation), underpaying employees, cutting corners, using toasters Wile E. Coyote would give side-eye towards, and performing a Jedi Mind Trick on customers to make them think that their shit is cheaper than it actually is (if you get a combo, it's actually one of the more expensive fast food chains). So even though Quizno's was objectively no better than "pretty decent," we have a right to be a little pissed that they're going the way of the dodo.


But hey, at least we have all the ungodly disgusting soylent green paste we can eat. GOOD TIMES!

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I'm with you. I used to love them, and now I can hardly find one. Of course, when I do Stumble upon the hallowed ground the spongmonkeys sang of, nobody else wants to eat there. The bastards.