Oscar Mayer to Release Bacon Alarm Clock App for iPhone

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Ever wish you could wake up to the smell of crackling bacon but are unable to do so because your only roommates are cats/your significant other regards A.M. times as things that happen to other people?


Oscar Mayer's got your back with a new bacon scent alarm for your iPhone. No, this isn't an elaborate prank. Seriously, this is a real thing.

It requires a companion device to emit the smell, as scent emission isn't currently a standard aspect of iPhone technology — although you can bet that Apple will be coming out with the iPhone 5s(tank) pretty soon (which will contain only this new feature, although they will mark up the price by $100 and use words like "revolutionary" and "synergy" a lot). It's also, tragically, currently unavailable to the general public, as you have to enter a contest on Oscar Mayer's website. We can but dream of the day when bacon alarm clocks are free to all in the general public. We can but dream.


With the advancements in modern technology, it was probably inevitable that we'd see an App devoted to smells at some point, and it's difficult to think of a better use for smell-o-vision than a bacon alarm clock. Still, I can't say I ever pictured myself writing that particular headline. Also, if this had been a thing several years ago, we would've missed out on the greatest episode of The Office ever.

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So I had to look up if anyone had made an alarm clock that made bacon for you and this is what I found.

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