Sorry, Oregon, but you’re not being as creative as you think—National Bohemian has already been packaging sewage water as beer for decades.

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission has just recently approved a proposal to attempt to use recycled sewage water to brew beer. The beer wouldn’t be served in bars, at least to start with; assuming efforts to turn sewage into delicious libations are successful, they’ll only initially be served at tasting events and other “water professional society functions.” This makes a lot of sense, as “pay me for this sewage beer” (as such an attempt would no doubt be initially painted) is a marketing strategy roughly on par with “give me money and I will punch you directly in the genitals” and “who wants to pay to listen to me having a particularly disagreeable bowel movement?” I’m sure water professionals throw some crazy keggers, too, so this should be exciting for them.


In all seriousness, even though I wouldn’t want to be the first person to try it, if this ultimately works, it could only be a good thing. Given the California drought, it’s laudable that a state is trying to find a way to more creatively recycle a waste product. Good for you, Oregon.

Image via Igor Klimov/Shutterstock.

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