New App Allows Customers to Search Restaurant Health Scores

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Ever been curious if the restaurant in which you're eating has multiple documented instances of cockroaches having an orgy in the walk-in, but haven't known how to easily find out? There's an app for that now.


Chris Peoples and Jake van Dyke of Augusta Georgia decided to create What the Health after they realized the state's health department website was an impossible-to-navigate quagmire. It features both a searchable database of Georgia restaurants and the ability to track nearby restaurants, and when you select an eatery, it gives surprisingly detailed information: not just the restaurant's letter grade and numerical score, but also a detailed list of its violations and comments from the inspectors who've actually seen the place firsthand.

Currently, it's only available in Georgia, which is probably the first time that statement has ever been uttered about anything other than a scenic, relaxing canoe trip down the Cahulawassee River.* Peoples and van Dyke are looking to add more states, though, starting with South Carolina. Best of all, it's free, so if you live in the Peach State and would prefer to know which places have all the cleanliness of hobo pants, there you go.


* Don't pretend you didn't deserve that joke, Georgia.

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The Gaysian

Why is it that when I imagine finding cockroaches in a restaurant, I want it to look like this: