'Tips for Jesus' Group Leaves $3000 on $12 Restaurant Bill

Illustration for article titled 'Tips for Jesus' Group Leaves $3000 on $12 Restaurant Bill

Today on "Things I Desperately Wish Existed When I Was Waiting Tables," there's apparently been a group going around for a few months now which leaves staggeringly large tips just because they are amazing and wonderful.


The mysterious faith-in-humanity-restorers apparently operate under the name Tips For Jesus (I know, I know), and just left $3000 on a $12 restaurant bill in San Francisco. There's a photo of the receipt through that link, on which the Tips Fairy has scrawled "God Bless" "Tips For Jesus" and "BOOM!" above the tips line. The last one is kind of the most appropriate possible thing you could write under the circumstances.

Apparently, they've been doing this for a while now. They left a $5000 tip on a $45 bill in DC, and they post each tip on their Instagram account (along with, sometimes, images of the ecstatic servers). Though the rumor is they're headed by former PayPal VP Jack Selby, the group ultimately wants to maintain their anonymity, telling Eater in an interview that "the anonymity is kind of the point."

Godspeed, TipsForJesus. You guys are pretty much the best.



TipsForJesus: watch out for that Judas guy.