McDonald's Customer Live-Tweets Incredible Hamburglar-esque Adventure

I labored over that headline for a good ten minutes, and there's really no better way to describe this series of images. I fully expect that the images you're about to see will ultimately be made into a major motion picture entitled Kvshton's Excellent Adventure.

It all started when Twitter user Kvshton discovered upon entering that he seemed to be the only one in a McDonald's at night:


Of course he hopped the counter; what is he, made of stone? Thus began his journey.

Oh please make a snack, Kvshton. Oh please oh please oh please —


This image exceeds every expectation I could have possibly possessed.

Unfortunately, this was the point where Kvshton discovered that he was not alone and the call was, in fact, coming from inside the greasateria:


Luckily, our hero was able to make a clean getaway:


Interestingly, Kvshton's Twitter account has now been suspended (hence why I had to grab these from imgur), although no one seems sure why, or if it's related to his grand McDonald's sojourn.

For anyone about to criticize him, though: if you're telling me you wouldn't do this in his situation, you are a goddamn liar. We are all Kvshton.

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