Man Sues In-N-Out After Finding Meth in His Milkshake

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I mean, the throes of meth addiction probably do count as “animal-style,” so it wasn’t exactly false advertising.


Via FoodWorldNews, a man named Fred Maldonado ordered a milkshake from an In-N-Out Burger in Downey, California on March 9, 2014. After he was halfway through the drink, he noticed that it contained two blue gel pills and a napkin at the bottom. Maldonado claims he felt nausea and “severe mental illness,” which isn’t really a thing you can feel,” but OK, whatever, Fred. After getting the remnants of the drink tested at the Utica Toxicology Service, it turned out that the drink contained meth. In-N-Out, for it’s part, claims that Maldonado’s assertions are “baseless,” so I guess their argument is that he put it there himself. Maldonado is seeking unspecified damages.

I gotta say, of all the states this could have happened in (Florida), I’m really amazed it happened in California rather than somewhere else (Florida). I mean, if I were handicapping states, California would’ve been way back from other states (Florida) on that list. Although it’s possible there are places (Florida) where things like this are so common they’re not even worth noting.

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