A Corpus Christi, Texas, man was arrested Monday evening after he punched a woman for the apparently egregious sin of blocking his way through the Whataburger drive-thru.

57-year-old Robert Thomas (pictured above, and boy, doesn't he look friendly!) apparently became quite irate when a 27-year-old woman blocked his truck in the drive-thru. So he did what any sane, reasonable human being would do and got out of his car to bang on her window with his fist (it's possible I have the words "sane" and "reasonable" mixed up with other words). When the victim got out of the car, Thomas punched her right in the goddamn face, because apparently he is the Incredible Hulk (also, because he's a violent lunatic).

Needless to say, police were called and Thomas was charged with aggravated assault, as well as the less-official charge of "being a fuckhead who will hopefully get tossed in jail for a long-ass time." He's now potentially facing 20 years in prison plus a $10,000 fine. The woman, meanwhile, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to her head.

The really screwed-up thing (OK, one of them) is that this isn't the first time this has happened in the last three months — in April, Florida Man (TM)* punched a woman at a McDonald's in almost an identical situation. Make of that what you will, but as far as I'm concerned, one instance of this in a year is too many, and two is more than slightly disturbing.

*Poor Floridians. They really, really thought they were going to escape this story without a reference to Florida Man. Sorry, guys.