Well, that’s certainly...uh...a thing.

KFC Hong Kong is apparently now selling this dark fusion of fried chicken and pizza. I’d describe it in further detail, but, well...look at the damn thing. It’s pretty self-explanatory. If any Kitchenette readers live in Hong Kong, please feel free to subject yourself to this on my behalf, then email me about it.

I feel like this is something that could theoretically taste good*—horrifically disgusting, obviously, but in that delicious-yet-gross zone where Taco Bell makes its home—if it sprang from any source other than the diseased root that is KFC. Then again, a variety of disparate and generally reputable sources have told me KFC in countries other than the US doesn’t actually taste like roadkill with a virulent skin fungus, so maybe this does work.

Even if it does, though, the fact that it exists shows the truly depraved depths of Yum Brands R&D department. Sanity and the ethics of good taste be damned, man; fast food science cares not for “should”—all that matters is whether they can.


* Let’s be real here: this is pretty much chicken parmesan, just baked onto the bone (assuming these are bone-in; it’s unclear). It’s goofy to look at, but it’s not that far outside the bounds of what we’re used to.

Update: One very helpful reader named Tomm offered to immediately go and eat this thing. Since I am perfectly comfortable encouraging you all to dance for my amusement, I said yes immediately. Here’s the picture he sent in, resposted with permission:


And his description:

Chicken: Standard KFC chicken, with some stuff on top. Is not sliced open, is dry, has bone.
Red sauce: Salty, fast food standard
Cheese: 1mm thick, no taste, mystery what it really is (we guess processed stuff as its very rubbery).
Herbs: cannot really tell what kind.
Verdict: Tastes like despair.


You’re a goddamned hero, Tomm.

Image via KFC Hong Kong.

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