KFC is Releasing a Chicken Bucket That Takes Polaroids For Some Reason

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They really don’t seem to understand their core demo, since most of us would desperately love to forget any trip to KFC.


I’m not even sure what to tell you here other than to apologize for humankind’s continued existence on this planet. KFC has created a chicken bucket called the “Memories Bucket” in a cruel mockery of your forthcoming regret. The Memories Bucket is capable of printing photos of you eating their chicken. You take the photos on your phone, then send the photos to the bucket in a worse use of wireless technology than intentionally trying to give someone lymphoma. They’re apparently going to be giving these “limited edition” buckets away to a small group of “lucky” customers, who will presumably not “be swallowed up by the Earth in an exercise of fleeting cosmic justice.”

There’s an excellent case to be made that we’ve reached peak Millennial here, and for the very first time, I genuinely hate my own generation. Congratulatons, KFC: what Instagram and an all-consuming obsession with the bastard substance known as Sriracha failed to accomplish, you have achieved. Well done, you.


Image via KFC.

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That is hilariously horrible. How did we become the dominant species on this planet?