Iowa Couple Finds Marijuana on McDonald's Cheeseburgers

Illustration for article titled Iowa Couple Finds Marijuana on McDonalds Cheeseburgers

Police are investigating a couple's claims that they found marijuana on cheeseburgers they bought at a McDonald's in Ottumwa, Iowa.


The couple told police they found weed between the burger patties after buying from the drive-through on April 26. Apparently, the couple actually saved the burgers (like you do) and the police are actually going to test them for the presence of wacky tobaccy. No charges have currently been filed, and the restaurant is, as of now, still open.

No one has yet been able to answer why they'd complain about finding free weed in your food, or, more importantly, why you'd report it to the cops if you did, but some mysteries may be impossible to solve.


Image via tiverylucky/Shutterstock.

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Yuck. And I don't understand. Was this burger to go to a friend? Why would you give pot away? WHY DOES NO ONE GIVE ME FREE POT?? So many questions.