Subway Employee Gets Creative About the Company's Jared Problem

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So, your employer is now represented in the minds of the public by an alleged pedophile. He doesn’t technically work for the company any more, but that doesn’t change the fact that his face is everywhere on store iconography. What to do?

If you’re an adorable smartass, the answer is that header image. The full version can be found at imgur, as well as in all of our hearts. It was apparently posted by another employee, who wants to stress that they “DO NOT THINK HE IS GUILTY I just work at subway and thought this was funny.”

Sure, he’s not guilty. And that couple attempting to live out the Victorian era in modern times are rational, balanced human beings.


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Done With This Site

How the hell has Subway not cleaned every store of every Jared image already? Like even if it was just sending out a big sticker of a meatball and telling employees to stick it over the face of every “Jared” they see?