Remember your high school cafeteria, and how crappy it was? Your best hope with some of those meals was that the meat came from humanely-killed raccoons. Well, students at Belfry High School in South Williamson, Kentucky apparently have it WAY worse than you and I ever did.

Alix Young, a student at Belfry, claims that last Wednesday, she found maggots baked into her baked potato, and that it wasn't the first time something like that had happened. Apparently, friends have also discovered molded potatoes and green meat. The last is excusable — after all, the school's catering service was just trying to teach the kids about bioluminescence, right? No? Yikes.

School officials, to their credit, are not actually denying it happened (a far cry from my own experiences with sub-par high school cafeteria food), and seem to be taking measures to make sure it doesn't happen again: the Italian wraps that contained the rotten meat have been removed from the menu, the potatoes are apparently being individually inspected, and the school is looking for a new vendor. So that's nice, at least.

Catering companies and maggots have had big news regarding their partnership this year. Granted, that other link is about prisoners, but anyone who's had to deal with high schoolers for an extended period of time will probably draw a strong parallel between the two groups.


Image via Deep OV/Shutterstock.