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Gaze upon this picture, dear readers, and witness the best summation of how restaurants feel about their employees that I have ever beheld. It's the mooooooost wooonderful tiiiiime, of the yeeeeeeeeeeear.


Technically this image was posted a few days ago, but since we're just getting to it now, we're going to consider it a good reminder going forward for 2015 and beyond. Remember, everyone: out of kindness to their employees and their families, Tim Horton's (and innumerable other restaurants; McCormick and Schmick's was not closed a single day of the year when I was working there*) will force them to work around the goddamn clock in every single winter holiday, presumably adding insult to injury by playing Christmas music at them for 24 straight hours on five different days.

I would say "remember, restaurant employees," but restaurant employees know damn well the score; I just wish everyone else did.


* It's worth noting that Christmas Day was my single favorite shift of the year: busy but not overwhelmingly so and generally populated by customers unusually inclined to generosity. If I can work an easy eight hours and walk out with $300 after tip-out and paying another employee to do my sidework, I'd call that a pretty good day.

Thanksgiving, however, can fuck right off.

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That is pretty crappy. I'm 99% sure that the ones in my area were closed on Christmas. Not sure about today. Must be a franchise thing-they can open or close. The franchisee who made that sign is a douche.

Funny story I had the owners of the Timmys franchise in my college town sit in my section one night when I was a server. They were still in the construction phase. Anyway they offered me a "management" position because of the level of service I provided. Me, almost finished with school with a business degree, went in for the formal sit down interview thinking maybe it is for the GM, and might pay ok and not be that bad to get some experience. They wanted me to manage the night shift, for $7.75/hour, plus a .50 shift differential. Thanks but no thanks-I could make a weeks wages serving/bartending where I was on a Saturday double. They were shocked I turned them down, and actually called me almost weekly for about 2 months until I said please stop.

So that's my claim to fame-the only company to recruit me heavily was Tim Hortons.