If there's one thing I never thought I'd be able to cross off my bucket list, it was getting to eat something that looks like it was pulled out of Lisa Frank's toilet.* Fortunately, that dream can now be realized.

The recipe for this delicious-looking monstrosity comes to us via Pinterest (where else?) by way of Mark (h/T, Mark). The key to getting the dough all the different colors (the most common question when you see a recipe like this) is to dye different sections of dough each individual color, chill them for an hour in the fridge, then coil small pieces of each together into a cookie shape. Between that and the ingredients list, I'm learning all sorts of new things today — until this post, I had no idea "Sparkle Gel" and "Edible Glitter" were things. The other interesting thing is that cream cheese is one of the primary ingredients here, seemingly taking the place of eggs.

No word yet on whether they taste like dreams and starlight, although in the absence of a firm "no," I'm going to assume the answer is yes.

*I actually wasn't kidding yesterday when I said I picked food by color like a fucking eight-year-old.