Here is a Cocktail Garnished With an Entire Meal

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That is not an exaggeration. Just look at that goddamn thing. I see a veggie kabob, a whole roast chicken, what looks like a chili dog, a brownie with whipped cream, at least three buffalo wings, some sort of slider (I can't tell what kind), a pickle, and, of course, a monster bacon cheeseburger. Holy crapshingles.


Apparently, this cocktail is courtesy of Vancouver sports bar Score on Davie. It'll run you $60 Canadian (or $53 US, if you wanted a currency that isn't so patently silly they have to call it the "Loonie"), which might seem like a lot until you consider it's alcohol with like three peoples' worth of food hanging off the end of it. Says Score owner Jessie Richie:

"It seems hard to balance but it's actually pretty easy, we just use a few skewers and some techniques we've picked up with the heaped-high Caesars we already sell."


"Also, I graduated from Hogwarts," he then presumably added, before shouting "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" and launching the entire concoction across the room. We're just going to go with that as the explanation for this beautiful, glorious monstrosity.

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MoonCat82 is a nomnivore

We have these in Milwaukee too:

It's missing deep-fried cheese curds though. I think this should also come with cheese curds.