Food Truck Apologizes for Bad Yelp Review With Adorable Song

When most restaurants get bad Yelp reviews, they just shrug them off and move on. Occasionally they might get into an internet spat with their bad reviewers (an exercise that never fails to entertain), but usually they just look at it as one crappy review. Why bother caring?

Amy Black, owner of the Albuquerque, New Mexico (as if there's another Albuquerque) food truck The Supper Truck, is not one such restaurateur. When a customer wrote a review about having to wait an hour for their food, Amy immediately set to work co-writing with Sage Harrison the song performed by Harrison in the above video. Harrison apparently regularly does music for food truck events, and the fact that I just typed that sentence makes me question whether this entire story is some elaborate concoction of my subconscious. I'll have an answer if the comments contain a video of Nathan Fillion fighting MechaHitler while riding a T-Rex.

Anyway, it's also important to note that a customer who has told you they have waited an hour has probably waited 15 minutes in actual time, so it's entirely possible The Supper Truck (which has all five-star reviews on Yelp other than this one, it's worth noting) didn't even do anything wrong. At the same time, the fact that their owner takes one bad Yelp review seriously enough to get creatively adorable in their response is probably an indicator of why that food truck has only positive reviews otherwise.


After seeing this, the customer also apparently contacted the local news station that ran the story and said she's planning to try eating there again. So, well played, The Supper Truck. You win this round.

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Clearly, she's not this Amy.