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Bad news for anyone with a functioning soul: a new poll shows that fast food CEO's currently make over a thousand times as much as their average employee. Not their lowest-paid worker — their AVERAGE one.


We already knew that in general, the pay gap between CEO's and average workers at their companies was 331-to-1. The new study, released on Tuesday by New York public polling firm Demos, finds that the disparity between fast food CEO's and their workers is 1200-to-1. Companies cited include McDonald's, YUM Brands, Chipotle, and Starbucks, among others. No word yet on whether all of these CEO's have been regularly eating in Chicago and New York.

Look, I'm sorry, but all of the "fast food work isn't supposed to be a career" and "they're job creators" nonsense talk can't possibly justify this. When a CEO makes over a thousand times as much as his average employee, that's a ludicrously imbalanced — and historically untenable — situation. This is, of course, in addition to admitted widespread wage theft for which employees are already starting to win lawsuits, not to mention the fact that the people in charge of these chains are possibly the biggest wankdolphins on the entire planet. Something has to give, because this shit can't continue as is.


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I will gladly take a 75 cent pay cut and go back to making minimum wage (after 2 and a half years of working there, and my longest "vacation" being a week that i had mono (i worked a day, stayed home for 4, worked again but could barely breathe let alone talk, and took 4 more days off)) I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT IT, if people would a. Stop giving me pity looks when I tell them I'm still working there because it's shockingly hard to save up for college when you're making 8 dollars an hour, b. STOP TELLING ME TO KILL MYSELF WHEN I ACCIDENTALLY PUT PICKLES ON YOUR FUCKING CHEESEBURGER, c. Stop telling me I'm to stupid to be working there, and d. Stop generally making me feel like a failure