Dissatisfied Customer Burns Restaurant Owner With Hot Soup

Amazingly, not Florida, Arizona, OR California. Step your games up, guys, you’re losing the crazy race. Except don’t, because this is some messed-up shit.

Via WSMV 4, a customer at Pine Garden Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri was dissatisfied with the size of her takeout Hot & Sour Soup and called to complain. She angrily insisted, as customers are wont to do, that she had the week prior ordered the same soup and it had been bigger, despite the fact that Pine Garden only sells one size container of soup. Said customer then came in and asked for a receipt (why?). While the owner (a woman whose name is listed only as Po) was getting it for her, the customer—clearly a mature, well-adjusted adult human being—proceeded to throw the soup at Po, burning her arm. The douche-errant then fled the premises.


There’s not really any room for interpretation here; if you click that link and watch the news report, there’s actually store surveillance video of the whole thing. There’s good news, though: restaurant employees did manage to jot down the customer’s license plate number, and police say she could be charged with assault—which she should be, because burning someone with hot food in a hissy fit is fucking assault. Throwing hot soup at a server is never OK. We shouldn’t have to even be clarifying this.

Image via Norman Chan/Shutterstock.

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