This headline could just read “Group of Christians Good at Their Own Religion.”

Via NBC Chicago, a church group near Columbus, Ohio had been doing a series of teachings on generosity. The concluded this series with a practical demonstration by ordering a $5.99 pizza from Domino’s. When the delivery driver arrived, they asked her if she wouldn’t mind delivering to the stage itself. Reverend Steve Markle then brought her up on stage made a couple corny but kind of adorable Dad jokes, then asked her what was the best tip she’d ever gotten. When she said “about $10,” he gave her an initial $9 tip, and then nonchalantly dropped in an “oh by the way, we also took up a collection to teach ourselves generosity, here’s over a grand.” Understandably, this was followed by a significant amount of tears and hugging. The entire thing is shown in the above video.


Is it possible the whole thing was staged? Yeah, it’s possible. Until there’s some evidence to the contrary, though, I choose to believe in people sometimes doing nice things for the joy of it.

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