Airlines Fight Over Who Can Offer the Least Disgusting Food

Illustration for article titled Airlines Fight Over Who Can Offer the Least Disgusting Food

Remember when an in-flight meal was considered a guaranteed part of the flight, rather than being seen as some newfangled, exciting privilege? Remember too when every fourth joke by a stand-up comic was about how the seat-back tray was more edible than the food served on top of it?


Apparently, modern airlines do not remember that golden age (HAH!) of air travel, because they're now apparently fighting each other by promoting food options. No word yet on whether they'll start competing with each other by offering "Get Out of TSA Genitalia Patdowns Free" vouchers, but hope springs eternal.

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Vagina High Priestess

International flights are the way to go for in-flight food, in my limited experience. I flew Brussels Airlines to Germany last summer, and was shocked to see how good the economy offerings were (it was the cheapest flight we could find too). Fancy in-flight entertainment, plenty of leg room, and a meal that wouldn't have looked out of place at a Chili's. Granted, Chili's isn't a great restaurant or anything, but my standards are really low for airplane food.