Nude Australian Gentleman Arrested for Hamburglary

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Look, sometimes you just have to rubble rubble, or at least the Australian equivalent.


Via PerthNow, Australian police say a man in the middle-of-nowhere town of Derby in Western Australia broke into another man’s car in order to steal a Hungry Jack’s (Hungry Jack’s is what Burger King is called in Australia because Australia reasons) Whopper. In a part of the story for which there is no further elaboration, the Whopper-owner had apparently arranged for a friend to bring him multiple Whoppers from Darwin (over a thousand miles away) in the days prior to the theft. Australia: where a thousand-mile quest to bestow several day-old Whoppers seems perfectly normal, apparently.

The extremely committed Whopper owner actually managed to confront the Hamburglar in the act, whereupon the notorious criminal...stripped off his clothes and walked away. I really wish I had more details on that part of the story, but there do not appear to be any.

Shortly thereafter, the birthday suit chuck bandit was apprehended by police and charged with stealing and disorderly conduct.

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