A KFC Employee Set Some Trees On Fire After He Thought He Was Fired

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Setting the trees on fire was actually part one of his cunning plan.

An unnamed 28-year-old Traverse City, Michigan man is facing charges of arson, assault, and breaking and entering into a vehicle after going batshit insane upon assuming he was fired. Via UpNorthLive, his manager apparently asked him to leave work for “employee-related issues” and because he was causing some sort of disturbance. The man apparently assumed he was being fired (it’s implied this wasn’t the case at the time, although I think we can say with some confidence that it is now), and so he took the eminently reasonable step of lighting a bunch of trees behind the KFC on fire, because, uh, sure, that’s a thing you could do. He then left, only to come back a couple hours later and shove his manager (hence the assault charge).


Then, because the erstwhile employee was apparently attempting to prepare an appetizer sampler of petty crimes, he went outside, broke into her unlocked car, and took a bunch of stuff. He was arrested after police later found him wandering around the area.

Meth-o-Meter says: Possibly meth. Meth unclear; try again later.

Image via AP. That is not the KFC fire, but a wildfire in Arizona. I mean, obviously.

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BrianGriffin makes bad decisions

It's amazing how many stories start at fast food chains and end up with meth. Maybe I have that backwards...