"I'm Sorry, We're Out of Bread -- Here's an Octopus Instead"

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Apparently, a potential hazard of ordering your groceries online is that, in lieu of walnut bread, they might send you an octopus.


Such was the case for John Goodger, who made use of UK chain Tesco's online grocery ordering. The store was out of the walnut bread Goodger asked for, and apparently Tesco will substitute a similar product if they're out of something you wanted. In this case, the "similar" product was a whole loose octopus.


This is apparently a running joke in the UK, where Tesco either has a faulty substitution algorithm, or (more likely) whoever fills out the orders is deliberately fucking with Tesco's customers. Here are some more examples:


To be fair, whoever runs the Tesco twitter feed has a pretty good sense of humor about this. Fortunately, Tesco's customers are not to be outdone:


I would comment with something snarky here, but honestly, I'm thunderstruck by the fact that it's even possible to get groceries delivered in the UK.

Image via Stasis Photo/Shutterstock.

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You know, I'm a bit surprised that you'd just describe the octopus as "loose." I came here expecting an octopus-positive environment.