Four-Year-Old Girl's Restaurant Review is Unspeakably Adorable

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It's not often that something crosses my desk that can melt even my icy, fun-hating keyboard, but the restaurant review of Plum Restaurant in Oakland, California by four-year-old Elai Rubinsky (favorite food: "orange") has caused even my heart to grow two sizes this day.

The review comes to us courtesy of The Bold Italic, which has apparently done three of these prior to this, all of which I just binge-read. Basically, writer Jessica Saia and photographer Isla Bell Murray take small children (in this case, a kid so adorable that I'm pretty sure her existence violates several thought-to-be-immutable laws of the known universe) to a haute cuisine restaurant (here it's Plum, known for putting unique spins on food such as pickling green strawberries), have them try a bunch of things, and extensively photograph both the kid's reactions and the food. As funny as you're thinking this is going to be right now, I assure you it is so, SO much better than you can possibly imagine. This is my favorite thing I've seen on the internet in months.

Among Elai's critiques:

  • Amuse-Bouche: "No, it's not good."
  • Cranberry Ginger Mocktail: "Cold, cold, cold, cold. I can't drink it. It's too cold."
  • Roasted and Raw Beet Salad: "Oh no, that's paint! I can't eat paint." Followed by "It tastes like chicken nuggets. I usually like chicken nuggets, but not THESE chicken nuggets."
  • Squid: "I didn't do a good job tasting that."

No jokes, guys. I freaking love everything about this article and this series. Do yourself a favor and click that link right now.


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