If this video isn’t wish fulfillment for you, you’ve never worked in the restaurant industry.

Basically, a customer tried to get handsy with a server at a restaurant bar, and his shit gets fucked up. Since I know you’re all waiting to see the video, I’m not going to bury the lede. Here you go:

In Russian, this apparently translates as “rebuffed impudent visitor,” which is the most archaically polite way of describing “douchebag got his shit wrecked” of which I can possibly conceive. It’s unclear whether the woman in this video is a server or a host. It is clear, however, that whatever her job title, she has won all our hearts. Everything the server does here can be considered self-defense, especially because this idiot just keeps coming towards her until she puts him the hell down.


Everyone who has worked in the industry has either had this happen to them or knows someone something like this has happened to (usually multiple someones). Customers sexually harassing servers—or, as in this case, sexually assaulting, because, yes, that’s a sexual assault—is an incredibly common occurrence. In the vast majority of cases, customers get away with this with absolutely no negative repercussions (although there are exceptions). Either the restaurant doesn’t care, or the server who’s been victimized never says anything for a wide variety of reasons, none of which they should ever be blamed for—victims of this sort of shit are never at fault, and how they deal with it is entirely up to them.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s good to see one of these assholes getting exactly what he deserves. I just hope the server is doing OK in the wake of this.

Update: This was staged. Oh well.

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